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Friday, September 23, 2005

"Iraqis Demand A US Withdrawl"

The latest issue of The Nation has a great article (penned by David Enders) regarding the truth of the United States' Coalition Of The Willing's occupation of Iraq... and how the majority of Iraqis truly feel.


In fact, with the notable exception of the Kurdish population, support for the American military among Iraqis is virtually nonexistent two and a half years after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's government. Before January's elections, polls taken by Sadoun Dulaimi (now the country's defense minister) indicated that 85 percent of Iraqis wanted a US withdrawal "as soon as possible." On a recent trip to the country, this journalist found that dissatisfaction with the occupation has, if anything, grown.

There are a litany of reasons for this, from the postinvasion looting that occurred as US soldiers sat idle, to the abuses in Abu Ghraib prison, to the flattening of Falluja and the ongoing operations along the Euphrates River in the western part of Iraq, which inflict widespread destruction and casualties among the local population while failing to remove resistance fighters. Added to this is the frustrating lack of improvement in basic services like water and electricity and the fact that wherever US troops patrol, insurgent attacks and civilian loss of life are sure to follow...

Wow! Exactly like the MSM and this administration always tell it! ::rolleyes:: Hey Mister Bush: if 51% is a mandate then what the fuck is 85% and growing?

BTW - Looks like it's a subcription-only article. Why don't you have a subscription, already? Huh?!


Seriously. What's your problem? =P


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