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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Republicanus Hypocriticus Duplicitious Majoris

Remember Newt Gingrich's "Contract With America" from 1994 ...?

DailyKos blogger Kurt Kaletka notes that:

Item 10 on the Contract With America was called the Citizen Legislature Act, which proposed that all legislators be held to a maximum of twelve (12) years' service in government. It never became law, but the Citizen Legislature Act was a principle that these congresspeople got elected on, telling the voters that it was high time to boot out the entrenched (Democratic) incumbents and get some fresh faces in office.
... and that the following GOP douchebags and douchebagettes (douchebaguettes?) are violating that trust by seeking re-election in 2006:

To help you out, here are the names of the Representatives who made this promise:

Charles Bass, NH-02
Steve Chabot, OH-01
Tom Davis, VA-11
Mark Foley, FL-16
Rodney Frelinghuysen, NJ-11
Gil Gutknecht, MN-01
Doc Hastings, WA-04
J.D. Hayworth, AZ-08
John Hostettler, IN-09
Walter Jones, NC-03
Sue Kelly, NY-19
Ray LaHood, IL-18
Latham, IA-04
Steven LaTourette, OH-14
Sue Myrick, NC-09
Robert Ney,
Charlie Norwood, GA-09
George Radanovich, CA-19
John Shadegg,
Mac Thornberry, TX-13
Todd Tiahrt, KS-04
Dave Weldon, FL-15
Jerry Weller, IL-11
Ed Whitfield, KY-01
Roger Wicker, MS-01

Here are the senators elected that year who made the same pledge:

Mike DeWine, OH
Jon Kyl, AZ
Rick Santorum, PA
Olympia Snowe,
Craig Thomas, WY

Looks like that pledge isn't as lemony-fresh as it was when they first trotted it out.


I love how the GOP pretends to have even a modicum of integrity.


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