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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Is John Bolton Worthless?


Okay, maybe not ~intrinsically~... but as an ambassador? Total bat squeeze [props to Malloy for that phrase].

I'm on a petition-posting roll, baby.

Please sign this one that urges senators to vote against John Bolton's UN Ambassadorship nomination.

Here's the case against him (from the site):

1. Bolton doesn't think he has to follow American intelligence reports; his Administration superior disagreed.

2. Bolton misled the Senate about punishing a dissenter while under oath.

3. The Bush administration refuses to release information on Bolton's background.

4. Bolton does not believe in diplomacy.

5. Good neighbors make good fences.

In 1998 he even spoke against the payment of any further U.S. dues to the world body.

6. Effective Diplomat? Bolton chased and threw objects at a colleague that disagreed with him.

7. John Bolton does not believe that your vote counts.

I signed it.


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