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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dems That Voted In Favor Of CAFTA

Not that they're the only bastards in the House, but they are the bastards of the week month year decade, as far as I'm concerned. I'll post the (R)s that voted against, later...

  1. Bean, Melissa (IL - 8th District)
  2. Cooper, Jim (TN - 5th)
  3. Cuellar, Henry (TX - 28th)
  4. Dicks, Norm (WA - 6th)
  5. Hinojosa, Rubén (TX - 15th)
  6. Jefferson, William (LA - 2nd)
  7. Matheson, Jim (UT - 2nd)
  8. Meeks, Gregory (NY - 6th)
  9. Moore, Dennis (KS - 3rd)
  10. Moran, Jim (VA - 8th)
  11. Ortiz, Solomon (TX - 27th)
  12. Skelton, Ike (MO - 4th)
  13. Snyder, Vic (AR - 2nd)
  14. Tanner, John (TN - 8th)
  15. Towns, Edolphus (NY - 10th)

I'll spare you the tenets of efficient market theory; let's just say that CAFTA probably ain't leading to anything better than NAFTA ever did... and see how nicely *that* turned out?

Oh, look - Mexico's middle class is disappearing at an alarming rate and they've fallen short about 5%/annum on Vincente Fox's promised GDP growth! Ah! Great news!

[UPDATE: 27 (R)s that voted Nay plus one independent, Bernie Sanders... in a pear tree]

  1. Boustany, Charles (LA - 7th District)
  2. Capito, Shelley Moore (WV - 2nd)
  3. Coble, Howard (NC - 6th)
  4. Cubin, Barbara (WY)
  5. Foxx, Virginia (NC - 5th)
  6. Garrett, Scott (NJ - 5th)
  7. Goode, Virgil (VA - 5th)
  8. Gutknecht, Gil (MN - 1st)
  9. Hostettler, John (IN - 8th)
  10. Hunter, Duncan (CA - 52nd)
  11. Jindal, Bobby (LA - 1st)
  12. Jones, Walter (NC - 3rd)
  13. LoBiondo, Frank (NJ - 2nd)
  14. Mack, Connie (FL - 14th)
  15. McCotter, Thaddeus (MI - 11th)
  16. McHenry, Patrick (NC - 10th)
  17. McHugh, John (NY - 23rd)
  18. Miller, Candice (MI - 10th)
  19. Ney, Robert (OH - 18th)
  20. Norwood, Charlie (GA - 9th)
  21. Otter, Butch (ID - 1st)
  22. Paul, Ron (TX - 14th)
  23. Rehberg, Dennis (MT)
  24. Sanders, Bernie (VT*)
  25. Simmons, Rob (CT - 2nd)
  26. Simpson, Mike (ID - 2nd)
  27. Smith, Chris (NJ - 4th)
  28. Tancredo, Tom "Let's Nuke Mecca" (CO - 6th)

This bill should've gone down, and easily at that; is/was the net result of NAFTA not demonstrative enough for the ignoramuses that voted Aye? I guess policy still follows party... *sigh* GOP election-money-grubbing pukes convinced just enough (R)s that they'd never see another dime of support unless they voted in favor of the retarded bill, I guess.

Thumbs up to the (R)s that saw right through this shitty policy and voted Nay... and the (D)s that voted Aye can go suck an egg. What's up with the 3 Texas (D)s that went down like cheap hookers?


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