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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Huh. Okay.

Yesterday I went to the "Boker tov, Boulder!" blog and asked why they write out G-d instead of God. They asked a rabbi. Just for me! lol

* * *

"EconAtheist" asks this question:

What's the concept behind excluding/replacing the letter "o" in "God?" I don't understand - what would happen if you were to write "God" instead of "G-d," like I just did?

Not knowing as much as I might about the basis of such things, I consulted Rabbi Lazer Brody. With warm thanks to him for always helping me out, here's his answer:

The Torah forbids erasing or destroying Hashem's name all or in part. This prohibition also includes foreign languages. Therefore, on any document that we feel may not be protected adequately, such as a newspaper or blog print-out (as opposed to a religious study book or a prayer book), we write G-d, so that everyone knows what we're talking about but yet, if the document goes into the waste basket, no harm has been done.
* * *

Hm. That's what the Torah says, then. Kind of them to respond so quickly.


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