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Friday, February 17, 2006

Secret, Secret... He's Got A Secret.

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FBI locates 780 pages of Vice President's 'FBI file,' but hasn't released after nearly two years

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has responded to a request from a San Francisco-based blogger for Vice President Dick Cheney’s FBI file—but has been withholding its release since September 2005, RAW STORY has learned.

In a letter to blogger Michael Petrelis, of, the section chief for the FBI’s records management division acknowledged in August 2005 that the bureau had located some 780 pages on the vice president. Petrelis then agreed to pay for all copying costs.

To date, Petrelis hasn’t received a single page on Cheney.


In the letter, Hardy also indicated the records would be released soon—when he wrote Petrelis in September of last year.

“We anticipate that a disclosure of responsive materials will be made in the near future,” Hardy wrote.


"I requested these files because the American public must know what's in the dossiers on Bush and Cheney," Petrelis said at the time. "Democrat John Kerry's voluminous FBI files were scrutinized by reporters and the subject of hundreds of news accounts in March of this year. Less than sixty days before the November election, the FBI has a responsibility to treat Bush and Cheney's files equal to those on Kerry, which means releasing their files forthwith."

Petrelis was denied expedited processing for the records’ release. A later appeal was also denied.

Wellllllllll... fucking imagine that.

I wonder what's taking so long?


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