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Friday, April 28, 2006

"Border Guardians Leader Calls For Violence"

In an April 3rd email obtained by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Border Guardians' founder Laine Lawless (cute name, btw) advised "Mark Martin, "SS commander" of the Western Ohio unit of the National Socialist Movement" to try the following tactics on undocumented immigrants [bulletpoints taken verbatim from the SPLC website]:

  • "Steal the money from any illegal walking into a bank or check cashing place."
  • "Make every illegal alien feel the heat of being a person without status. ... I hear the rednecks in the South are beating up illegals as the textile mills have closed. Use your imagination."
  • "Discourage Spanish-speaking children from going to school. Be creative."
  • "Create an anonymous propaganda campaign warning that any further illegal immigrants will be shot, maimed or seriously messed-up upon crossing the border. This should be fairly easy to do, considering the hysteria of the Spanish language press, and how they view the Minutemen as ‘racists & vigilantes.’"

In addition, the crazy and unraveled lovely and talented Lawless wrote that she was "not ready to come out on this. ... Please don’t use my name. THANKS." Jeez - she's a female version of Stacy Keach's character ("Cameron Alexander") from American History X. How admirable!

Again... both the full article - and a .PDF of the original email - is available here at


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