Trying To Maintain Rationality

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Today's Peabrained Happenings

Here's a little sampling of the crap that's been going through my head today:

  • Why did the United States feel the need to incarcerate children at Abu Ghraib? Did these pre-pubescent detainees ever pose a credible threat?
  • Why did the Labor Department feel the need to hide a potentially CAFTA-damning report then later claim that it was a flawed study? Wouldn't it have been more credible for the Labor Department to ~not~ conceal the study if it were in fact so obviously flawed, as claimed, in order to prove their point?
  • Why did Robert Novak never get charged with a Federal crime for in fact revealing the identity of an active, undercover C.I.A. employee? Did he not exceed his First Amendment protections when he knowingly outed a critical WMD fact-gathering operative?
  • Will the Bucks get back into the NBA playoffs this year, after having drafted Andrew Bogut with the overall 1st pick? Did they blow a great chance to have traded down and collected potential upgrades at multiple positions in a draft filled with solid talent but clearly lacking the obvious, Tim Duncan-like great player?
Important stuff it is, all of it. And I present it for your perusal.


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