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Friday, August 05, 2005

CAFTA, Free Markets, And Where Reality Comes Into Play

Jeff Milchen posted this article at the site a few weeks ago... your retarded host [that's me] forgot to link to it.

Not that I'd have changed the outcome of the House vote, had I done so - with all the "whoops; here, take this - jeepers where'd that come from" pork stuffed into the highway bill it certainly appeared like DeLay et al. were gonna buy the requisite votes at almost any cost.

In any case, see if you can find the painfully obvious red herring in the first paragraph...

“It's going to be easier to sell your product to 44 million new customers," President Bush proclaimed at a recent speech in North Carolina. The event was designed to create support for passing the Central American “Free Trade” Agreement (CAFTA) before Congress adjourns for summer later this month.

Oh, n/m. It's too easy. Since when does the mere existence of "44 million new customers" equate to being able to sell your stuff? What if said set of customers have a GDP equivalent to a medium-sized U.S. city? Gee. That'd be quite the per capita.

[insert rolleyes here]

BTW - I thought that Paul Hackett had a nice showing in OH:02 on Tuesday - in fact, he "flipped" about 1 in 5 voters, losing by less than 4% in a congressional district that shows ~3/4 registered voters as (R) - but he still lost... so I wasn't exactly pitching a tent over the final tally. I'm not gonna go on and on about how things are looking good for the (D) party, blah blah blah blah, since (1) I vote (D) only because I feel that they're the least destructive party in our miserable, corporate-defined, positively-unresponsive political duopoly, and (2) it's been tackled 10,000x all over the goddamned web by now. It's all about the outcome of the policies implemented, my fine friends. Everything else is window dressing. Marketing... meh...

Frankly... democracy would be much better served if all political speech were publicly funded, corporations had no right to contribute money to politics... oh n/m. Read up here to see how I feel.


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