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Monday, August 01, 2005

Paycut For Soldiers...

Armed services personnel that live somewhere other than on a military base are looking at losing hundreds of dollars/month in pay. That's right: The military is cutting our soldiers' pay, in the middle of an overseas armed conflict (a.k.a. war, "struggle," debacle, beach blanket bingo).


This administration is so in-your-face hypocritical about everything supporting the troops... I tell ya, these folks got 'em balls of freakin' titanium.

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[Update, 2am... : good Hackett/Schmidt analysis from - (R)s are neither dumb nor our enemies... must I keep reminding myself you us?! =| =P *pplt* Plus, even I bothered to goof with an "outcome scenario"]

On a related note:

Iraq veteran Paul Hackett has his big day tomorrow, in Ohio's special election (for its 2nd District, U.S. House of Representatives). I'd ask you to pony up a few bucks on his behalf, but he's actually not looking for any more money for this election! Jesus - How's that for a fresh take? A politician that only spends what's necessary... sounds like the GOP of old. Irony is ... he ain't the (R) in this race; he's running as a (D). Take note to many of the refreshing things he's talking about, (R)s, if you ever want to regain my vote. Plus lay off the religious shit - it's tiresome and is a total red herring. Oh, and you have to actually *do* the things you talk about.


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