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Monday, August 22, 2005

Welcome! You've Got Sharia!

Whoa, Iraqi dudes*!

Even though we promised you (and others, including Americans) a democracy after invading conquering liberating your country, our representatives just cut a sweet deal with a bunch of your fellow dudes that had "threatened to torpedo talks over the shape of the new Iraq unless Islam was a primary source of law."

According to this Guardian Unlimited article:

Secular and liberal groups were dismayed at the move, branding it a betrayal of Washington's promise to advocate equal rights in a free and tolerant society.

Awesome. Your government is, like... gonna be EXTREME! Do the Dew!

[I'm wielding a bitchin' axe, laying down a sweet air guitar riff] Waaaaaaaaalanalanalana!

*dudettes are totally hosed, but that's cool, according to this guy.


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