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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'll Take... "Goofy Analogies" For... $500, Alex.

From Reuters: Prosecutor likens Guantanamo defendants to vampires

According to the prosecutor, "confronting the defendants at the Guantanamo war crimes tribunals with the evidence against them will be like dragging vampires into the sunlight"... with the idea being that the "light of truth" would expose the detainees, like... ah, you get the idea.

The chief prosecutor, Air Force Col. Moe Davis, blamed the delays on the
detainees and their lawyers and compared them to movie vampires.

"Remember if you dragged Dracula out into the sunlight he melted. Well that's kind of the way it is trying to drag a detainee into the courtroom. The facts are like the sunlight to Dracula. The last thing they want is to face the facts in the courtroom," Davis told journalists. "But their day is coming."

Funny thing, though. These aren't trials. These are military tribunals, which include "the use of secret evidence that defendants will not be allowed to see and the potential use of evidence obtained through torture."

Ahhhh... I see. *That* kind of light... so, like, there are no harmful UV rays? Will every defendant get a pair of his/her own BluBlockers?

Bottom line: It's not really much "The Light Of Truth,"... more of a "Flourescent Illumination."


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