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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What Is EconAtheist Reading?

Your humble blog host is currently reading:

Defying Corporations, Defining Democracy: A Book of History and Strategy, edited by Dean Ritz; it's a compilation of essays, letters, speeches, and the like.

We the People of this country (myself included, until just recently) are generally naïve when it comes to the history of corporations in the United States and how they managed to accumulate so much concentrated power. This highly, highly recommended book both explains how we became so utterly subserviant to these Frankenstein's Monsters of the business world (over, really, only the past 150 years) and gives solid ideas as to how we can fight to regain authority over these beasts.

It's incredibly revealing as to how *absolutely maniacally and relatively easily* our legal system was taken over and reframed; a few court decisions validated "corporate rights" under the auspices of "corporate personhood" - bastardizing the 14th Amendment in the process - and... and... ~poof~ they're practically running the whole fucking show.

Tell me this, tell me this - How the hell can something that exists only on paper have more rights than an actual, tactile, sniffable (if you so choose) human being?

Read. This. Book.


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