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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My Treo 650's In The Mail

... and I won't come in your mouth, right?


No -- I really believe it's *on its way* this time. Not only did I find my money mysteriously refunded, but I talked to a live Sprint rep this time and she told me that my first one never arrived because my order wasn't fully completed... and since I was on vacation and didn't return their call until after the 10 day period, their policy is to automatically cancel the order.

So. I apologize for calling them "cockfaces." =) My bad.

I'm kinda stoked to be able to give mobile blogging a go; sometimes when I'm stuck doing nothing... like, say, on the toilet, stricken with a painfully-impacted stool, at work... it'd be nice to be able to type out a few random thoughts on the ol' PDA phone and send it up here.

Definitely a cool bit of technology. Poopin' and bloggin'.

... though the mobile posts may all be in lowercase, in the interests of expedience and thumb-saving maneuvering.


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